Chairman's Message
Higher education in lndia has witnessed a paradigm shift during the last decade. Science and Technology are considered supreme in the changing Scenario, as they govern, shape and influence every aspect of our life. The Quest for achieving higher learning is growing and education serves a critical function in career building.
The object of learning is to prepare the young students to educate themselves throughout their lives.There is no doubt that the number of institutions is growing rapidly but there is dearth of quality education. We at Sachdeva Polytecnic make constant endeavours to teach the budding professionals through innovative ideas. With the advancement in technology, employers in lndia and abroad are looking for qualified professionals for executing projects in private and public sectors.
The aim of Sachdeva Polytecnic is to impart comprehensive Knowledge and practical skills which are required in service sectors and industries. Science and technology have become a way of life and have enormous potential for leading lndia's march towards becoming a developed Nation.

Dr. Sudhir Sachdeva
B. Sc., M. A., LL. B., B. Ed., Ph. D., D. Litt.